USB - The Old Man Is Dead

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As a Christian, have you been led to believe you have two natures—the old and the new? Prepare for a seismic shift in understanding. In The Old Man Is Dead, Andrew dismantles the misconception of dual natures with a solid foundation in biblical truth. According to God's Word, we are entirely new creations, not spiritual schizophrenics. This isn't about mental gymnastics but about embracing the reality that Jesus destroyed the grip of sin in every believer's life. If you've been crucified with Christ, your "old man" lies dead and buried—a relic of the past. Embrace what the Bible truly says and let it transform your life today!

Key Features:

In this teaching, Andrew will guide you on how to:
 • Recognize the total eradication of your old nature through Christ's death
 • Understand the biblical impossibility of dual natures within a believer
 • Embrace freedom from the bondage of sin after being born again
 • Confidently navigate life victoriously in Christ

Benefits: Discover the importance of renewing your mind to God's Word so you can break free from old patterns and emotions and live joyfully in God's grace.

Who Is It For? The Old Man Is Dead is for anyone seeking a profound understanding of their true identity and the transformative power of God's grace firsthand.

Why Choose This Product? If you've been taught that Christians have two natures, it's time to learn what the Bible really says. The new nature of a born-again believer doesn't coexist with the old—it totally replaces it. The old man is truly dead.