Healing Journeys - DVD Package

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Disease and pain tend to take our focus away from who we are in Christ. Accepting an identity of weakness may seem like the only option we have. But Jesus has a better report: healing was purchased for you at the cross! If you’re struggling to experience healing in your life, maybe all you need is a little encouragement. 

The Healing Journeys DVD package is a collection of some of the most amazing healing testimonies that have come through Andrew Wommack Ministries. Each video features ordinary people who faced seemingly impossible medical challenges and grim diagnoses. However, they refused to let their stories end there—through grace and by faith, they received their healing.

During the week of July 13–17, Andrew Wommack will feature healing testimonies from the Healing Journeys video series on his Gospel Truth television broadcast. Through these amazing real-life stories, witness the impossible become possible with God. Whether it’s fibromyalgia, kidney disease, lupus, or a brain aneurysm, there is nothing Jesus hasn’t already healed.

You can get the Healing Journeys Package which includes a total of thirty-three inspiring stories packed into seven DVDs. This package has a catalog value of $210, but you can order it today for only $150.