DVD TV Album - The War Is Over

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This DVD album was recorded from the Gospel Truth TV broadcast. Each DVD contains one week of programming. Please note that while they do cover the same material as a CD album, they are not exactly the same.

There have been many wars throughout history, and more is yet to come. However, the most important one is over, and most Christians don't even know it. Which war could that be? Listen as Andrew explains; it will change the way you relate to God forever.

DVD's in this Album include:

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The War Is Over - Peace and Goodwill & Is Jesus Enough? Part 1 1053-D1 Add to Cart
The War Is Over - Is Jesus Enough? Part 2 1053-D2 Add to Cart
The War Is Over - Once and For All Eternity & Old vs. New Part 1 1053-D3 Add to Cart
The War Is Over - Old vs. New Part 2 1053-D4 Add to Cart
The War Is Over - Seeing It Backwards 1053-D5 Add to Cart