DVD Album - Healing Journeys Volume III

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These are five stories of the power of God's Word working in the lives of people. Each came to understand what God had already done for them through Jesus. They will touch your heart.

 Raped at gunpoint, a young, scared and pregnant Connie Weiskopf succumbed to pro-abortion counselling. Pregnant again by a live-in boyfriend, she endured a second abortion. Then, after years of guilt, she found herself battling breast cancer. It was there that her healing journey really began.

The diagnosis - malignant neoplasm. The tumour grew at an alarming rate and began to meta-size in Mike Hoesch's body. Mike was confused, discouraged and convinced that he was not healed because he didn't measure up. Then a friend gave him hope.

Debbie found her husband, Alan Moore, lying on the ground. He had experienced a massive stroke. "One-third of his brain was permanently damaged," said the doctors. "He will never walk, swallow, or speak again." Yet nine days later, he walked out of the hospital, unaided.

The nurses raced Jame's newborn girl to the ICU. X-rays showed that baby Audrey Scott was missing a rib, major arteries and the left side of her heart. The doctors offered little hope. "I laid my hands on her and commanded her to be whole," said Jamie. And then the Holy Spirit spoke these words to her heart - "Watch Me work."

Chronic pain form fibromyalgia was robbing Lance Weldgen of his life. The seventeen prescription medications he was taking had little to no lasting effect. Hope was fading until God arranged a divine encounter with other believers at a coffee shop.