DVD Album - Financial Breakthroughs

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Six true stories that could change your financial future.

- Kevin & Rachel Dowling - Once lived on the streets of New York City. Now their ministry is reaching thousands.
- Sandy Harmon - Went from being a single mom without a job to successful real estate agent.
- Rick & Mitzi Pudlo - Went from living in their Volkswagen to owning a freight-forwarding company.
- Tim Abello & Family - Faced with financial difficulty after leaving a successful business and dream home to attend Charis. God, through faith, delivered them.
- Kurt Barreto - His high-flying life crashed with the housing market. He went from a mansion with his family to living alone in a storage unit. God has restored it all.
- Leonard & Iselsa Jimenez - After listening to Andrew's teachings, two immigrants from South America started careers as a successful dentist and business manager.