CD Album - Healing is Here - 2022

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Have you ever doubted that God wants you well? Have you experienced sickness or pain and thought God was to blame? Nothing could be further from the truth! Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24 reveal that our healing was paid for when Jesus died on the cross.

If you’re ready to cast aside doubt and grab hold of what Jesus has already provided for you, then this resource is for you. Healing Is Here 2022 is filled with teachings from Andrew Wommack and many others who have deep knowledge of God’s power to heal. Powerful testimonies and messages will help you learn biblical truths that will empower you to walk in divine health and minister healing to others.

In this life-changing collection, you'll learn:
 • God’s power has no limits,
 • There is no time or distance in the spirit,
 • How others have been healed of life-threatening illnesses,
 • How to focus on the promises of God,
 • And much more!