DVD Album - Healing Journeys Volume IV

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These are five stories of the power of God's Word working in the lives of people. Each came to understand what God had already done for them through Jesus. Their stories will touch your heart.

Nine months in the womb, twenty-seven hours in labor, a stillborn baby. Don't miss this story of faith-filled parents, resurrection birth of Benjamin Esau and abundant life!

Feel despair as seventeen-month-old Andrew Mullins is diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer. Then take a healing journey with the Mullins family!

Mind-bending pain, two prolapsed discs, spina bifida, degenerative bone disorder, heart arrhythmia and other ailments. Richard Waller was facing life in a wheelchair.

A massive aortic aneurism ruptures,sending Charis Bible College student Gunar Gerthe to the very brink of death. Watch his mind-blowing turnaround!

Timothy and James McDermott, the two incurable autistic sons plunge their family into a living hell. Today the boys have been certified normal and healthy by medical authorities!