Financial Stewardship - Package DVD

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Experience the freedom of turning your finances over to God. Many misunderstand stewardship. When they read or hear that word they think of hard work or obligation. In fact, the truth is just the opposite. As you will learn, seeing yourself as a steward of God's resources is the only way to true financial freedom.

In this powerful teaching package Andrew addresses many of the sensitive issues regarding money. He defines God's stewardship, the first steps to financial prosperity, the parable of the unjust steward, the right and wrong perspectives of the tithe and much more.

 Items in this Package include:

  • 1052-D – Financial Stewardship – DVD Album
  • 332 – Financial Stewardship – Book
  • 432 – Financial Stewardship – Study Guide
  • 3011-D – Financial Breakthroughs
  • 3025-D - Financial Breakthroughs Vol. 2